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Michael Gunawan

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PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

Starting my early career in a company that innovation and sustainability are two of their core values has groomed me to be clean-energy advocate. I want to contribute to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone by being a part of scientists that developing and deploying new technology for chemical production and fuel generation.

My research aims to develop an efficient stand-alone photoelectrocatalysis (PEC) system for both hydrogen generation and chemical production. With Australia receiving the highest solar radiation per area globally, PEC offers an opportunity to secure the direct conversion of solar energy into a usable form of chemical energy (e.g., H2) while simultaneously oxidize biomass (e.g., alcohol) to valuable chemicals. Current development for such PEC system is still focus on water splitting (i.e., H2 and O2 generation) with the anodic water oxidation reaction continues to be the limiting step which restricts practical application. Considering the sluggish oxygen generation reaction on anode, the research focus needs to replacing water oxidation with the thermodynamically more feasible organic oxidation will both convert the organic and improve the overall photoelectrochemical efficiency.

Supervisor: A/Prof Jason Scott, Dr Cuiying Toe and Prof Rose Amal


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