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Michaël Lejeune

Michael Lejeune.jpeg

PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

Driven by today's need for a sustainable future, my main research interests lie mainly in the analysis, integration and optimisation of hydrogen technologies with energy systems. Pursuing a PhD on this topic is a unique way to use my background in energy systems, learn continuously and create a meaningful impact in this field.  


Global efforts to meet international climate targets require immediate emission reduction. Hydrogen plays a crucial role in the decarbonisation of energy systems and heavy-emitting industries. However, there are multiple hydrogen value chains (HVCs), technologies, associated life cycles and derived techno-economic/-environmental indicators, e.i. levelised cost of energy, carbon footprint, water footprint, and land footprint. These indicators quantify the impact within their respective boundaries. When considered individually, they lack the perspective of the interactions of complex systems (economy, climate, land, water), leading to insufficient environmental impact (EI) assessment and sustainability of life cycles. This requires a technological and EI evaluation of alternative HVCs and EI reduction potential in various heavy-emitting sectors/industries to ensure problem shifting does not occur in the future. The project aims to evaluate the EI and EI reduction potential of multiple HVCs and their life cycle technology options. The approach involves the system of systems modelling of various HVCs (from production to end-of-life) and analysis of the impact of decisions on the technology development, cost and EI from an absolute sustainability perspective. The research will help identify and address techno-environmental challenges of HVCs and contribute to the global hydrogen economy.  

Supervisor: Prof. Sami Kara and Dr Rahman Daiyan


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