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Annika Kerwick

PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

Annika Kerwick.jpeg

I started my PhD in 2024 after completing my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and Science (Microbiology).  In my undergraduate degree, I was lucky enough to be involved in various projects involving green hydrogen, piquing my interest in starting a PhD in this space. I'm excited to be involved in a project which is allowing me to build multidisciplinary skills, in engineering, policy and social science, which are essential in forging the energy transition in Australia and the world.


My Work aims to develop a computer-based framework and model, that integrates

the social, technical and economic aspects of low carbon fuel projects. The model will be subsequently applied to case studies on different stages of the fuel's value chain, to provide guidance for key stakeholders and help in project implementation.


The case studies include:

  1. The acquisition of biomass for methanol and sustainable aviation fuel.

  2. Establishing green shipping corridors using methanol and ammonia.

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