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We offer an exciting opportunity for your organisation to participate and collaborate with us in one or more projects within our themes.

You / your organisation can:

  • Participate in one or more collaborative research projects that will be matched to your organisation's strategic goals related to decarbonisation and energy transition.

  • Host students as interns or offer work placement at your organisation

  • Host site visits for Training Centre personnel including students and postdoctoral researchers

  • Co-host an event with us

We offer a variety of levels of partnership and encourage any interest in the Training Centre:

$25K p.a.

  • To support a PhD project & access to expertise of GlobH2E researchers

$50K p.a.

  • To support a project carried out by a team of experienced postdoctoral researcher & quickly de-risk a project that could benefit to your organisation


  • Be a host for work placement for our students;

  • Hosting site visits for TC personnel;

  • Professional mentoring


  • We welcome any prospective partnership, please contact us.

Can't find what you are looking for or  have any question, please contact:

Download our brochure: ARC Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen Economy Partnership Prospectus 

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