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Shipping Australian sunshine to Germany

In November 2020, GlobH2E Chief Investigators won a DFAT grant to lead HySupply - a study to test the viability of a renewable hydrogen supply chain between Australia and Germany. 

The two-year study follows a landmark agreement between Australia and Germany in September  to explore the potential for closer collaboration on hydrogen supply. It was awarded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

In drawing on the strengths and needs of each country, the project is win-win. Germany is a global leader in hydrogen technology and views importing clean hydrogen energy as an important way to meet its climate targets, while Australia has immense potential for renewable energy generation and a great desire to export clean hydrogen energy. 

National benefits

According to the Federal Government, Australia’s future hydrogen industry has the potential to generate around 8,000 new jobs by 2050, many in regional Australia, with exports estimated to be worth around $11 billion a year. It will also support a transition away from fossil fuels, significantly reducing national carbon emissions.

Global benefits

The findings from this feasibility study are expected to be an important step towards the development of a global hydrogen market. This will not only provide energy security for countries around the world but, in replacing fossil fuel generated energy, will be an important step towards achieving global carbon neutrality and mitigating climate change. 

The Consortium

Academic Team
Key partners
  • Deloitte

  • Baringa Partners

Supported by
  • MAN Energy

  • GPA Engineering

  • Scimita Ventures


  • Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE)

  • Associated companies from GlobH2E and the UNSW Hydrogen Energy Research Centre (HERC)​

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HySupply Cost Tool - Open Source
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If you are a government agency, established company or start-up with an innovative idea in this space, or if you have a general enquiry about HySupply, we are keen to talk to you. 

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Associate Professor Iain or Dr Rahman Daiyan:

HySupply Partners


A/Professor Iain Macgill

School of Electrical Engineering,

UNSW Sydney

Project Leader

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Scientia Professor Rose Amal

School of Chemical Engineering,

UNSW Sydney

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Sami Kara.jpg

Professor Sami Kara

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,

UNSW Sydney

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Professor Francois Aguey Zinsou Kondo

School of Chemistry

Sydney University

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Dr Rahman Daiyan

School of Chemical Engineering,

UNSW Sydney

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