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 Research Themes

To position Australia as a leading hydrogen powerhouse and support the transition to a global hydrogen economy, our research themes deliberately cover the entire hydrogen life-cycle. 

These include production, storage and utilisation; safety systems and controls; commercialisation; public acceptance; and the skills industry professionals will need to steer the hydrogen economy towards its full potential.

Themes and subthemes

Hydrogen Production

  • Robust, high-performance, low cost catalysts for hydrogen generation and fuel cells

  • Electrolyser design and prototyping for hydrogen generation

  • Hydrogen generation from organic waste - reactor design and prototyping

Hydrogen Storage and Use for Distributed/Dispatchable Energy

  • Advanced approaches to store hydrogen in solid forms with materials

  • Advanced technologies for enabling the use of hydrogen/methane blends

Hydrogen Safety

  • Safety arounds hydrogen supply chain (production, storage, transport and application)

  • Deflagration to Detonation Transition (DDT) phenomenon in premixed hydrogen-oxygen mixtures

  • Mathematical modelling of DDT phenomenon in premixed hydrogen-oxygen mixtures

Value Chain and Business Models

  • Techno-economic analysis of commercial hydrogen generation in Australia

  • Hydrogen value chain and modeling the transformation of the economy

  • Early markets for hydrogen - Identification and development of business case for de-risking hydrogen technologies

Social Acceptance and Dissemination/Education/Transfer of Skills to Industry and the Broader Community

  • Community perception toward hydrogen production from large scale renewable projects

  • Community perception towards hydrogen utilisation in residential settings

  • Education and dissemination to the specialised and broader community

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