Industry Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board consists of industry experts in the specific fields related to the research. The purpose of the Industry Advisory Board is to:

  • Provide consultative forum for the GlobH2E Training Centre's Management Team in developing strategic approach to facilitate training and education, outreach and external engagement, technology transfer and research direction from industry perspective;

  • Promote exchange of ideas, provide constructive feedback and industry input with the aim to foster relationship between the Centre and external influencers.

The Industry Advisor Board members are:

Leigh Kennedy.JPG

Mr Leigh Kennedy

National Cluster Development Manager, National Energy Resources Australia (NERA)

As NERA’s National Cluster Development Manager, Leigh is focussed on working collaboratively with regional clusters to build an Australian hydrogen technology cluster that can be promoted around the world.

Leigh has significant experience in working with all Australian state and territory governments along with key Australian Government agencies clients, as well as with investors across the industry and the world. At Austrade for almost a decade, Leigh worked with international network and government partners to drive Austrade's global resources and energy investment attraction and facilitation strategy and assist clients (developers, capital and technology companies) deliver on their Australian expansion plans. Aligned to many global companies’ transitions to becoming green and announcing net-zero emission targets, the focus honed in on renewable energy and hydrogen investment opportunities.


Dr Fiona Simon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Australian Hydrogen Council

Fiona has a deep understanding of energy policy and regulation from close to 20 years working in the field. Her area of specialisation is retail energy consumer protections in the competitive market.

Fiona has accumulated significant expertise in executive management in the energy sector through her previous roles at ACIL Allen Consulting; Kinloch Consulting; FPL Advisory; ERM Power; Energy Retailers Association of Australia and Origin Energy.

Fiona studied Bachelor of Arts (Hons) University of Melbourne and completed a PhD from University of Melbourne. She completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course.

Tracey Boyes.jpg

Ms Tracey Boyes

General Manager Future Growth, Origin Energy

Tracey is General Manager, Future Growth, accountable for Origin's renewable fuels, carbon management, and future growth activities. Tracey has worked across multiple industries and roles, and during her 12 years at Origin has worked across upstream exploration and development, generation, LPG and retailing. Tracey has experience working across multiple growth projects and a proven ability to bring greenfield projects to life. 


Dr Attilio Pigneri

Founder and CEO, H2U - the Hydrogen Utility

Dr Attilio Pigneri is the CEO and Co-Founder of H2U, a specialist developer of hydrogen infrastructure initiatives for sustainable mobility and renewable energy storage.

A professional mechanical engineer from Italy, with Masters and PhD-level qualifications in energy engineering and energy-environmental issues, Attilio brings to H2U 20 years of consulting experience, in the provision of strategic, technical advisory and due diligence services for a wide range of hydrogen and fuel cells initiatives in Europe, the US and Japan.

Attilio is also the current President Elect for the Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy (AAHE).