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HySupply Publication
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HySupply State of Play Report

The State of Play (SoP) v 1.0 is released as a consultation paper to the Hysupply Consortia, industry stakeholders and government bodies, to facilitate discussion regarding the development of an Australian-Germany green hydrogen supply chain. The report is designed to foster dialogue with industry and other stakeholders regarding key challenges and opportunities for progressing HySupply, and Australia's green hydrogen exports more broadly. 

HySupply Cost Tool 

The HySupply Cost Analysis Tool is a Microsoft Excel Workbook developed to model the hydrogen output and costs involved in the production of green hydrogen from solar, wind and combined solar and wind (referred to as hybrid) power plants in Australia. The tool extends beyond current state-of-the-art models, by providing the user the complete freedom to define their desired plant capacities and design a wide variety of configurations to integrate the electrolyser and the renewable power plant, which include options for a grid-connected, off grid and battery connectivity. 

The tool is a living tool with additional features being and expected to be added as it is developed. We also encourage feedback from the user to help us improve the tool.

Feedback can be provided to Associate Professor Iain MacGill ( and Dr. Rahman Daiyan ( Please check this page from time to time for further updates.

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