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Our Partner Investigators


Professor Akihiko Kudo

Dept of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

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Dr Fermin Cuevas

East Paris Institute of Chemistry and Materials, CNRS, France

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Professor Hiroshige Matsumoto

International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER), Kyushu University, Japan

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Professor Gavin Walker

University of Nottingham, UK

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Professor Jimmy Yun

Chuangqi Times (Qingdao) Technology Company Ltd

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Rob Catchpoole.jpeg

Mr Robert Catchpoole

Engineering Manager - Domestic Hydrogen Projects, Origin Energy

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Miss Tahlia Nolan

Commercial Manager Hydrogen, Iberdrola

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Pak Soma.jpg

Mr Soma Ariyaka

Chief Executive Officer, Hasnur Group

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MIke Griffiths.jpeg

Mr Mike Griffiths

Director, Kotai Energy

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Emmelia Addo Appiah.jpg

Ms Emelia Addo-Appiah

Strategic Initiatives Manager

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JM Guitera.jpg

Mr Jean-Marie Guiterra

Co-Founder, H2Potential

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Alister Morrison.jpg

Mr Alister Morrison

Chief Development Officer, Zeotech

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Hirofumi Kawazoe.jpeg

Mr Hirofumi Kawazoe

General Manager, Hydrogen Engineering Australia, Kawasaki Heavy Industry

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Cranston Polson.jpg

Mr Cranston Polson

Founder, CEO, H2H Advantage Pty Ltd

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Dr Yu Zheng

Shenzhen Evolution Technology


Mr Steve White

Direct Energy

Associate Partner Investigators

Thomas Gao.jpeg

Mr Thomas Gao

Business Development Manager, Powerfuels including Hydrogen Network, NSW Decarb Hub

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Dani Alexander.jpeg

Ms Dani Alexander

Chief Executive Officer, UNSW Energy Institute

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Greg Leslie.jpg

Prof Greg Leslie

Director, UNSW Global Water Institute

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