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About us

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen Economy (GlobH2E) is an international consortium of research institutions, industry partners, government agencies and hydrogen start-ups. 

Established in 2020, the training centre will run for five years and engage world-class PhD candidates and hydrogen researchers to develop technologies, business skills and supporting innovations to aid the world’s transition to renewable energy. 

The emerging global hydrogen economy is increasingly seen as a way to secure our energy future, while mitigating catastrophic climate change. GlobH2E will support the fledgling industry and the professionals who will lead it, through quality training and expertise.

Our Vision

An innovative research training centre which acts as a collaborative focal point between world-class teams in the areas of chemical, safety and manufacturing engineering; materials science and theoretical modelling; social science; and energy market analysis.

Our innovative, cost-effective hydrogen technologies, combined with advanced business skills, will facilitate and support Australia’s transformation into a world-leading hydrogen powerhouse

Workers at Gas Plant
Our Purpose


Train Australia’s next generation of industry-focused researchers to implement and commercialise advanced hydrogen technologies and develop business frameworks and safety standards.


Undertake research where technologies will contribute to competitive advantage in the global market and lead to commercially viable ventures.

Distance Learning




Educate and disseminate hydrogen technology and its safe use for effective transition and adoption into the broader economy.


Enable cross-institution (industry-university-government) research collaborations that create a path for simpler deployment and commercialisation of hydrogen technologies.

Analyzing Graphs


Reduce the risk of hydrogen technologies to benefit early adopters.

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