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Nehemia Gurusinga


PhD Candidate  | Curtin University

Nehemia Gurusinga is a PhD student at the Curtin Institute of Energy and also a PhD student at the ARC Training Centre for Global Hydrogen Economy (GlobH2E). Having earned his Master of Environment from the University of Melbourne, his focus pivots towards providing impactful training and education within communities. Specializing in the integration of practical technologies, his objective is to advocate for low-carbon practices by employing the formulation of diffusion of innovation in intervention strategies through a multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing community engagement and education.

Realizing the pivotal roles of social acceptance and stakeholder engagement in the success of large-scale renewable energy initiatives in Australia, Nehemia is trying to fill the research gap by studying the social and environmental aspects of hydrogen and ammonia production for renewable energy projects. The main objective is to understand the factors influencing stakeholder perceptions and support for extensive renewable energy projects, particularly in hydrogen and ammonia production. The project aims to contribute valuable insights, addressing regional variations and informing sustainable practices for decarbonization.


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