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Shujie Zhou

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Shujie has a keen interest in the development of advanced technologies which enable efficient conversion of solar to value-added chemicals

optimised and sustainable approaches

Meet our researcher Shujie Zhou, who in 2023 obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering from UNSW Sydney.

"My research in the Particles and Catalysis Group for my PhD thesis focused on the optimisation of photocathode materials to selectively produce value-added chemicals," Shujie notes. These chemicals were produced from waste NOx and CO₂. 

The research project with which Shujie now involves herself centres around a series of photoelectrocatalytic (PEC) reactions. "This includes CO₂ reduction, and the production of H2 and ammonia." 

"My research is includes, but is not limited  to understanding  semiconductor interface properties in the optimisation of photoelectrode materials in efficient solar harvesting."


At the same time, Shujie looks into surface catalytic sites, investigating PEC reaction mechanisms to regulate reaction pathways from the atomic level. "This is to ensure a sustainable approach to the selective restoration and production of green chemicals," she explains.

Furthermore, by integrating advanced photovoltaic materials with high-performance catalysts, Shujie is working on the design and optimisation of standalone solar to green chemical production systems.

Shujie Zhou

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