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From alternatives and derivatives to expletives; how hydrogen is fuelling the climate debate. It will affect the way the entire world does business. It's called the energy transition.

In H2 Debate article, we explain misconceptions about Hydrogen; why is Hydrogen export important? How can government helps to make it happen? And where are we on this journey?

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Hydrogen is gaining unprecedented momentum around the world as a clean energy solution. The prime focus of the ARC Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen Economy (GlobH2E) is to ramp up development of hydrogen technologies and train the next generation of research and industry leaders to commercialise products within solid business frameworks and safety standards.


Our world-leading research is giving Australia a competitive edge in the global market and leading to commercially viable hydrogen ventures.



We are training the hydrogen workforce of the future, helping accelerate the transition of hydrogen technologies into industry.


We are creating simple paths to deployment and swift commercialisation through our partnerships with leading local and global industry collaborators.

Research Themes

By focusing on the following five themes, we are removing all barriers to the rapid advancement of the hydrogen economy in Australia.


Hydrogen Production

We are developing clean, sustainable and cost-competitive hydrogen generation processes for early market penetration.


Hydrogen Storage and Use for Distributed/Dispatchable Energy

We are creating new technologies to safely store, ship and, more importantly, use hydrogen within existing infrastructure.


Hydrogen Safety

We are working on breakthrough safety solutions to facilitate the global uptake and deployment of hydrogen systems.

Financial Report

Hydrogen Value Chain and Business Models

We are mainstreaming the emerging hydrogen industry by creating supportive business models that de-risk their deployment.

Chemistry Class

Social Acceptance, Education and Policy

We are mainstreaming the emerging hydrogen industry by creating supportive business models that de-risk their deployment.

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