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Per-use-share rental strategy of distributed BESS in joint energy and frequency control ancillary services markets

Sun L.; Qiu J.; Han X.; Yin X.; Dong Z.

Applied Energy

Low-carbon oriented optimal energy dispatch in coupled natural gas and electricity systems

Wang Y.; Qiu J.; Tao Y.; Zhang X.; Wang G.

Applied Energy

Opportunities and Challenges for Renewable Power-to-X

Daiyan R.; Macgill I.; Amal R.

ACS Energy Letters

Capacity and energy sharing platform with hybrid energy storage system: An example of hospitality industry

Sun L.; Qiu J.; Han X.; Yin X.; Dong Z.Y.

Applied Energy

Carbon-Oriented Electricity Network Planning and Transformation

Tao Y.; Qiu J.; Lai S.; Zhao J.; Xue Y.

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

Designing optimal integrated electricity supply configurations for renewable hydrogen generation in Australia

Ali Khan M.H.; Daiyan R.; Han Z.; Hablutzel M.; Haque N.; Amal R.; MacGill I.


Enhanced graphitic domains of unreduced graphene oxide and the interplay of hydration behaviour and catalytic activity

Foller T.; Daiyan R.; Jin X.; Leverett J.; Kim H.; Webster R.; Yap J.E.; Wen X.; Rawal A.; De Silva K.K.H.; Yoshimura M.; Bustamante H.; Chang S.L.Y.; Kumar P.; You Y.; Lee G.H.; Amal R.; Joshi R.

Materials Today

Numerical Study of Hydrogen Desorption in an Innovative Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Tank

Zhuo Y.; Jung S.; Shen Y.

Energy and Fuels

A framework for assessing economics of blue hydrogen production from steam methane reforming using carbon capture storage & utilisation

Ali Khan M.H.; Daiyan R.; Neal P.; Haque N.; MacGill I.; Amal R.

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Coordinated management of aggregated electric vehicles and thermostatically controlled loads in hierarchical energy systems

Liu G.; Tao Y.; Xu L.; Chen Z.; Qiu J.; Lai S.

International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems

Real-Time Volt/Var Control in Active Distribution Networks with Data-Driven Partition Method

Sun X.; Qiu J.; Zhao J.

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

Risk hedging for gas power generation considering power-to-gas energy storage in three different electricity markets

Lai S.; Qiu J.; Tao Y.; Zhao J.

Applied Energy

Integrated grid, coal-fired power generation retirement and GESS planning towards a low-carbon economy

Yang Y.; Qiu J.; Ma J.; Zhang C.

International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems

Bargaining Game-Based Profit Allocation of Virtual Power Plant in Frequency Regulation Market Considering Battery Cycle Life

Chen W.; Qiu J.; Zhao J.; Chai Q.; Dong Z.Y.

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

Accelerating Electron-Transfer and Tuning Product Selectivity Through Surficial Vacancy Engineering on CZTS/CdS for Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction

Zhou S.; Sun K.; Huang J.; Lu X.; Xie B.; Zhang D.; Hart J.N.; Toe C.Y.; Hao X.; Amal R.


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