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Ainee Ibrahim

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PhD Candidate | Curtin University

I began my PhD after gaining a strong interest in energy storage and green hydrogen whilst completing projects with the Hydrogen Storage Research Group (HSRG) during my Bachelor of Science (Physics) degree at Curtin University.

Transitioning to renewable energy requires energy storage and export for times or areas where there is high energy demand. Hydrogen is a clean, abundant energy carrier with the highest energy density per mass of known substances. Sodium borohydride is a solid-state hydrogen carrier with a high hydrogen storage capacity by both mass and volume. When added to water, with the aid of an acid or a catalyst, hydrogen gas is released and a by-product is produced. The hydrogen produced can be utilized in fuel cells to generate electricity.


This project will focus on recycling sodium borohydride using different metals or metal hydride-reducing agents through ball milling or thermolysis. Additionally, the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride will be used to provide a competitive method of hydrogen compression for hydrogen re-fuelling stations. The main focus is to produce a less energy-intensive and lower-cost pathway for sodium borohydride regeneration, which could make it viable for commercial use as a solid-state hydrogen carrier.

Selected publications:

  • Ibrahim, A., Paskevicius, M., Humphries, T. D. & Buckley, C. E. Producing Alkali Metal Hydrides from Hydroxides. Inorganic Chemistry 63, 3047-3056, doi:10.1021/acs.inorgchem.3c03920 (2024).

  • Ibrahim, A., Paskevicius, M. & Buckley, C. Chemical Compression and Transport of Hydrogen using Sodium Borohydride. Sustainable Energy & Fuels 7, doi:10.1039/D2SE01334G (2023).

  • Berger, A. et al. Alkali Metal Alkoxyborate Ester Salts; a Contemporary Look at Old Compounds. Dalton Transactions 53, doi:10.1039/D3DT03721E (2024).

  • Berger, A., Ibrahim, A., Buckley, C. E. & Paskevicius, M. Divalent closo-monocarborane solvates for solid-state ionic conductors. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25, 5758-5775, doi:10.1039/D2CP05583J (2023).

  • Møller, K. T., Ibrahim, A., Buckley, C. E. & Paskevicius, M. Inexpensive thermochemical energy storage utilising additive enhanced limestone. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8, 9646-9653, doi:10.1039/D0TA03080E (2020).


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