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Ayush Kharel

Ayush Kharel.jpeg

PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

I have a curious nature. I am always looking for new perspectives. It motivates me to understand the problem and I am always looking for the most efficient solution. At times I am reminded of the phrase "curiosity killed the cat" but I have acquired the skills to identify the stakeholders and fully understand the requirements. During my education, I have had the opportunity to work with various people in different countries which gives me a unique perspective on multi-cultural environments.

Project description: 

Ayush is currently involved in developing a revolutionary device that can leverage "High G-forces" to increase the efficiency of conversion of natural gas to hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The device has the potential to directly produce liquid carbon dioxide which can be easily captured and produce green hydrogen. The device is in early stages of development, and I am working to develop a mathematical framework to simulate the process. The simulation will increase the speed of development and contribute towards production of cleaner and cheaper hydrogen.


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