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Haider Khan

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PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

Muhammad Haider Ali Khan is part of GlobH2e as a PhD Student for the past 2 years after completing his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New South Wales (in which his thesis was based on technoeconomic analysis of Hydrogen generation in Australia). 

Haider’s current research is also focused on the technoeconomic analysis of developing Hydrogen and Power to X (P2X) value chains in Australia. Using his expertise in process design and economic analysis, Haider has been actively involved in developing frameworks and open-source tool to assess market opportunities for implementing the technologies and highlighting key benchmarks that would have to be required to achieve scale up of technology development and implementation. Such research is critical given these markets are currently in their early stages of market implementation, and Haider is highly passionate about being able to inform technology developers and stakeholders to develop policies and leverage the right opportunities that will unlock both the economic and environmental benefits of transiting to the P2X economy. As part of his research Haider has already delivered several cited articles in peer reviewed journals as well as served as an author for NSW State and Federal Government funded reports. 

Research Objectives: 

  • To determine the costs of generating hydrogen in Australia, with a prime focus on improving sustainability and economics of the hydrogen value chains (that includes production, storage/transport, and utilization of hydrogen) 

  • Develop open-source techno-economic tools/frameworks to assist feasibility of hydrogen projects for academic, commercial, and governmental use.

Supervisor: Prof Rose Amal, Dr Rahman Daiyan and Prof. Iain Macgill


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