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Ibrahem Osama Mohamed Ali


PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

I began my PhD candidature with the goal of enhancing the energy efficiency of water electrolysis to foster hydrogen industries. Following the completion of my BSc in Chemistry, I have been working on electrochemical environment-related projects during my MSc in Physical Chemistry, including the electrochemical production of hydrogen.

Currently, I am working on advancing water electrolysis in alkaline media. The primary objective is to minimize a spectrum of overpotentials, encompassing activation, concentration, and ohmic overpotentials within the electrolyzer. The reduction of these overpotentials is pivotal, as it significantly enhances the energy efficiency of the device and positions it as cost-competitive. Achieving these goals necessitates a meticulous deconvolution of overpotential origins and the exploration of innovative solutions.

My approach involves a strategic design of key components, including gas diffusion layers, catalysts, membranes, and membrane-electrode assembly. These elements collectively govern the efficiency of hydrogen production. The success of this project holds substantial promise for advancing the global hydrogen economy.


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