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Jack Shepherd

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PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

With over 10 years working in the chemical and energy industry as a process engineer and business development manager, I have an appreciation for the importance these sectors play in society and the great challenge they face to decarbonise their processes. I'm passionate about decarbonising our society to safeguard our future and future generations and believe significant carbon reduction can be achieved within the industrial sector to meet our 2050 net zero target.   

I have the privilege to follow my passion in decarbonisation by pursuing a PhD focusing on the techno-economic analysis of hydrogen and hydrogen derivative value chains that can compete with existing processes and bring about deep decarbonisation benefits. My research is centred on developing techno-economic models that can be used to assess different hydrogen and hydrogen derivative (e.g., ammonia) generation and utilisation pathways. By harnessing the power of open-source models, stakeholders interested in hydrogen-based projects can use the models developed in my research to accelerate their plans through the feasibility phase and begin to realise their decarbonisation targets. 

Supervisor: Prof. Iain Macgill and Dr Rahman Daiyan


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