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Jaco Van Antwerpen

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PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

I started the PhD program after completing a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at UNSW.  

Motivated by the drive to decarbonise all aspects of daily life, my project aims to validate and support the scale up of emerging pathways for renewable energy integration including the conversion to, and utilisation of clean energy fuels as well as carbon neutral feedstocks for chemical and manufacturing industries.  


This project combines process simulation with technoeconomic analysis to investigate the viability of Power-to-X pathways with specific emphasis on technologies with potential for closing the carbon loop. By targeting industry relevant technologies and case studies, this project has the potential to support the emerging Australian clean energy conversion and export sectors by reducing the uncertainty surrounding the technical and economic merits of key developing process technologies.  

Supervisor: Dr Rahman Daiyan and Prof. Rose Amal 


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