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Jiafeng Lin


PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, having completed my Master of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney. My passion for environmental protection plays a key role in my PhD studies, my research has focused on renewable energy integration into the power grid, looking to incorporate hydrogen storage and utilization in the future.

Project description: 

The objectives of my projects are to analyze the impacts of the integration of renewable energy into the power grid from different viewpoints, the requirements for the transformation of the existing network, and propose corresponding potential technical solutions, in order to:

  1. Establish efficient grid management and electricity-demand mechanisms so that the increased systemic variability can be properly handled, the grid flexibility can be improved and the security of supply can be ensured.

  2.  The grid operation stability and control (voltage, frequency, active and reactive power balance) can be guaranteed with a significant penetration of renewable energies.

  3. The bi-directional flow of energy is allowed, that is both from generation units to end-users and from end-users contributing to the electricity supply.

  4. The interconnection of the power grid can be improved, which aims at increasing grid balancing capabilities, stability, and reliability.

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