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ARENA funding boost for hydrogen and low emissions iron and steel research

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has granted a total of $59.1 million in funding for 21 research projects to support research and development (R&D) and commercialisation activities covering renewable hydrogen and low emissions iron & steel.

We are thrilled to share the fantastic achievements of our Chief Investigators from the ARC TC Global Hydrogen Economy who have secured a remarkable $11.3 million of the total funding. This is a testament to their dedication and expertise in driving sustainable energy solutions forward.

Congratulations to the following distinguished individuals and their teams:

  • Prof Craig Buckley and A/Prof Mark Paskevicius from Curtin University, in collaboration with Velox Energy and Kotai Energy, have been awarded $5M for their project "Hydrogen Export Using Powder." Learn more

  • Prof Alexandra Simonov from Monash University has received $2.1 million to support the project "Lowering the Cost of Proton Exchange Water Electrolysis Systems," which promises to revolutionize renewable hydrogen production. For more information - see Monash news

  • Prof Yansong Shen from UNSW has secured $4.4 million for the project "Blast Furnace Innovations: Integrating New Injections & Burdens for Sustainable, Low-Carbon Ironmaking Transitions," contributing significantly to sustainable ironmaking.

  • Prof Rose Amal, Dr Rahman Daiyan, Dr Emma Lovell, and Dr Zhipeng Ma have been awarded $1.9 million for their project on "Multiphase Electrolysers for Renewable Ammonia Production," a crucial step towards cleaner ammonia production. Read more about the technology:

For a comprehensive list of successful recipients and their impactful projects, visit the ARENA website:

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