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Deconvoluting degradation mechanism influencing PEMFCs performance

Really excited to see the work led by our Chief Investigator: Prof Chuan Zhao on understanding of the degradation mechanism of iron-nitrogen-carbon (Fe-N-C) catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells work recently published in the Energy and Environmental Science.

In this study, Prof Chuan's team used operando technique to deconvolute degradation mechanism in order to identify when iron demetallation and carbon corrosion occur and unveil an intricate degradation pathway of the triple-phase boundary degradations affecting the overall performance loss. The finding provides clear mechanism for performance degradations of Fe-N-C catalysts in PEMFCs and paves the way for more robust operando electrochemical characterisation of Platinum-free catalysts during stability tests in energy conversion and storage devices.

Read full article here (doi: 10.1039/D3EE01166F) contact Dr Quentin Meyer

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