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Dr Alan Finkel - 'POWERING UP: Unleashing the Clean Energy Supply Chain'

Where there is an alternative to fossil fuels, it must be pursued.

In his latest book, the former Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel shares his compelling insights and expertise and makes the case for Australia leading the way in the global transition to clean energy.

The clean energy transition is humanity’s biggest ever economic challenge. In Powering Up, Finkel shows how to remove the barriers that prevent nations transforming from petrostate to electrostate.

Finkel considers the entire supply chain, from raw materials through power infrastructure, the workforce, transportation and household customers. He reveals the outlines of a new geo-economic order and explains in persuasive, practical terms how we can get there.

If governments, investors, industry and consumers get this right over the next three decades, history will judge us as the generation who ushered in the Electric Age and helped to save the planet. The world will be transformed – with Australia, if we seize the opportunity, as a global leader.

Details of the books: Release date: 13 Jun 2023; Paperback ISBN: 9781760644598

Also hear the conversation that Dr Finkel had with Prof Ken Baldwin about his book in Soundcloud

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