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H2 Safety & Standards: What does it mean to you ?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Industry joint webinar presentation by Billy Chan (BOC Linde) and Jon Meunier (Standards Australia)

Watch the recording here


To unlock the growth potential of hydrogen as an energy source, ensuring a strong culture of safety within the industry is crucial. This joint seminar aims to foster understanding and appreciation of process safety in hydrogen production, handling, and utilization. It will also emphasize the importance of robust safety regulations and standards to support the development of the hydrogen fuel industry.

Billy Chan, a Senior Engineer from BOC Linde, will address the perception versus reality of hydrogen safety and discuss the challenges associated with hydrogen technologies across the entire value chain, including production, storage, transportation, and utilization. His talk will examine the knowledge and experience required to ensure safe practices and advocate for the adoption of rigorous standards to guarantee safety and reliability.

The second part of the seminar will feature Jon Meunier from Standards Australia, who will provide an overview of the organization's role, functions, and the standard development process. He will specifically highlight the current standards, support, and future plans for hydrogen, a clean and renewable energy source with transformative potential in various sectors and industries.

By bringing together industry expertise and emphasizing the importance of safety regulations and standards, this seminar aims to instill confidence and encourage the responsible growth of the hydrogen fuel industry.


Billy Chan - Senior Engineer, BOC Linde

Billy is a chartered chemical engineer with 25+ years’ experience providing technical leadership for the innovation, design and safety of gas products, gas plants and manufacturing processes at BOC/Linde.

Billy is a member of the Standards Australia Technical Committee ME93 and the Convenor of Working Group 10 (Production, Storage and Handling), that is working to mirror the international ISO/TC197 standards for hydrogen technologies – and build connections with community, infrastructure developers and regulatory bodies. Developing consistent standards at a national and international level is a major theme of the National Hydrogen Strategy. Billy is also a member of the Standards Australia Technical Committee ME2 and Chair of ME2-04, who is responsible for gas cylinders from design to safe operations.

Billy was a member of Dr Alan Finkel’s Stakeholder Advisory Panel, informing the development of a National Hydrogen Strategy supported by Australian Energy Ministers. The strategy aims to build a clean, innovative and competitive hydrogen industry that benefits all Australians and is a major global player by 2030 and next milestone 2050.

Jon Meunier - Engagement Manager, Standards Australia

Jon Meunier is an Engagement Manager at Standards Australia with over 16 years of client service experience in the UK and Australian markets.

His remit at Standards Australia sees him act as the lead across the Energy, Electrotechnology, Oil and Gas and Mining Sectors. Within his portfolio, Jon oversees several strategic projects across renewable energy, distributed energy, resource integration, electric vehicles, renewable natural gas and biofuels.

Jon manages proposals for all standard development projects within these sectors, ensuring all projects contribute to the net benefit of the Australian community. He acts as a point of contact for industry, government and Standards Australia stakeholders, ensuring high quality service and outputs.

Standards Australia is the nation's peak non-government standards organisation. It facilitates the development of standards that benefit the Australian community and economy. This talk will provide an overview of the organisation's role and functions, as well as the process of standard development. It will also highlight the current standards, support and future plans for hydrogen, a clean and renewable energy source that has the potential to transform various sectors and industries.

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