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HySupply Supply-side Roadmapping Exercise released

In September 2020, Australia and Germany signed an agreement to initiate a joint feasibility study into the potential for developing a hydrogen supply chain between the two countries. A consortia led by UNSW and supported by Deloitte conducted the feasibility study in November 2020 which lead to this roadmapping exercise focusing on the supply-side (Australian) potential to develop hydrogen/hydrogen derivatives export value chain. The exercise involved consultation and stakeholders engagement across across industry, government agencies, and research organisations on the following key topic areas: commercial viability, technology uncertainty, policy gaps, regulation gaps, certification and social acceptance for hydrogen export and workforce capability.

The comprehensive and rigorous consultations aims aim to identify key barriers and opportunities across the key topic areas and formulate strategic next steps for Australia in realising its export potential. Six key findings were identified which then translated into guiding principles that Australia can adopt in its transition to becoming a hydrogen export leader, which then used as the basis for developing roadmap actions.

Read the full report to learn more about the findings. We are keen to hear back from you for feedback or if you have any question (Please contacts: Dr Rahman Daiyan or Professor Iain Macgill)

HySupply Supply-Side Roadmapping Exercise
Download PDF • 3.33MB

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