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Industry Consultation - Information Session on the Hydrogen Regulatory Frameworks Review

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

A seminar and associated industry consultation process, on the Hydrogen Regulatory Frameworks Review are being conducted across government, for the purpose of:

  1. Understanding the experience of hydrogen industry participants in dealing with hydrogen industry regulation;

  2. Using industry experience to identify priority areas for addressing identified gaps and barriers

Consultation Process

The consultation process includes:

  1. A seminar presentation on the Regulatory Frameworks Review being conducted across government on the 9 November 2022

  2. Post seminar presentation Q&A session.

  3. Digital survey – for your completion. (open on 8 November 2022, close on 18 November 2022)

It is anticipated that the outcomes of this consultation process, and the regulatory review, will present options to the government for regulatory development before the end of 2022.

Please read the background information for participants which will be included on the consult hub consultation page when the survey goes live.

Legal Frameworks Review - Industry Consultation - information for seminar
Download PDF • 679KB

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