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Listen to Dr Karl's interview with Dr Fiona Simon

Dr Karl - the host of Shirtloads of Science podcast, recently interviewed Dr Fiona Simon from Australian Hydrogen Council, where they cover topics on:

• Why Hydrogen ?

• Where hydrogen will play a big role as fuel?

• On Hindenburg accident

• Important things we can do with Hydrogen – such as ammonia production (which half of world’s population rely on), storing excess energy when sun is not shinning and wind is not blowing - solving energy security

• The challenges in the uptake of Hydrogen

• Why Australia makes an attractive partner for Hydrogen ?

• European's appetite on Australian's hydrogen based on the HySupply work that we carried out, which showed that shipping cost (being distance between Au – Germany) is not a large proportion as what people might think (not a deal breaker)

• Move electron or move molecule?

• The versatility of hydrogen

• Touch on green steel manufacturing

• And what is required to make hydrogen industry flourish

• Different colour of hydrogen – defining how it was made

• What’s holding off progress of CCS ?

And that we can’t agree more with Fiona’s sentiment that we don’t want lock in fossil fuel (in blue hydrogen) but we don’t let perfection be enemy of progress (pure green) hydrogen.

Listen to the full podcast

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