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Scaling up green ammonia production - New HySupply Ammonia Tool release

How can we model and scale up the production of green ammonia and where do we start the process to understand the location, plant configuration, and cost of the project?

Our recent article in Energy Conversion and Management by Elsevier presents an open-source #greenammonia modelling and costing tool built around a single framework that allows users to explore a wide range of green ammonia production pathways that can be tailored to the location of interest. The tool is entirely configurable by the user to input their own technical and costing assumptions to assess their green ammonia projects in any location around the world with the intent of helping to guide the upscaling of green ammonia as a pathway for #decarbonisation.

Using Gladstone as a case study we explore the options and costs for developing a 1 million tonne per annum green ammonia plant and complete the value chain analysis using the HySupply Shipping Cost Tool to assess the delivered cost to Japan and Germany.

Read the journal article: Open-source project feasibility tools for supporting development of the green ammonia value chain (Energy Conversion and Management, 2022)


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