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Australia sunshine for Europe

Updated: May 12, 2021

Australia and Germany are natural partners in green hydrogen

Australia has the potential to be the world-leader in green hydrogen producer. Germany has a need to meet its energy transition goals and require vast amounts of clean and in the long term - green hydrogen. While German industries and research institutes are world leaders in the technology for green hydrogen production, processing and storage, it is unlikely that the demand can be met if there is no reliable supply.

Recognising this, Australia and Germany have established a joint feasibility study (HySupply) to examine all aspects of a renewable hydrogen supply chain connecting Australia to Germany. The first inaugural Hysupply workshop was taken place on 3 March 2021 and attended by representatives from over 20 institutions and industries. Following the workshop, the Australian Ambassador to Germany (Mr Phillip Green) launched a flyer on Hysupply (in German). (Note: more information can be given/extracted from the English translation if required.)

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