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Webinar Series - Dr Florian Klumpp (9 March 2023, 12 - 1pm AEDT)

Join our upcoming webinar with Dr Florian Klumpp who will share insights from practical

international projects, elaborating on the key drivers determining the Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH), and the changes required to drive down the price of LCOH.

Speaker biography:

Florian possesses a PhD in Engineering and a MSc in Industrial Engineering and has been working within the industry since 2005. He has worked for the Fichtner group since 2013 in the Energy Economics & Hydrogen department and became the MD & Hydrogen expert at

Fichtner Australia in 2022. Prior to Fichtner, he worked for a large utility company for 7 years. His core areas of expertise include hydrogen technologies, power sector modelling, techno-economic analyses, electromobility, market potential, concept and strategy studies as well as high-level training for experts. He has experience consulting with a wide range of clients, such as energy utilities, industrial enterprises, banks, project developers as well as ministries and authorities.

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