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Webinar Series - Prof Jimmy Yun (21 March 2023)

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Carbon Mitigation Measures and Opportunities in China: A Hydrogen Energy Perspective

Please join us for the upcoming hybrid webinar with Professor Jimmy Yun, who will give a talk entitled Carbon Mitigation Measures and Opportunities in China: A Hydrogen Energy Perspective.

This Webinar is co-hosted by ARC TC for the Global Hydrogen Economy (GlobH2E), ARC Hub for the Integrated Energy and Storage Solution (ARC IESS) and the Powerfuels including Hydrogen Network (PFHN).

Tuesday 21 March 2023, 12-1pm, UTC +11

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China is currently the world’s largest CO2 emitter, attributed to its economic development and urbanisation since the 1970s, especially since joining the WTO in 2001. Through myriad administrative measures, the nation has achieved a carbon intensity reduction of 48.4% of 2005 levels.

China has declared a commitment to reach Carbon Peak before 2030 and Carbon Neutrality before 2060. This has resulted in a proliferation of opportunities in carbon reduction, including a significant increase in the share of non-fossil energy supply, and the building of clean energy systems.

This presentation will focus on the challenges and opportunities of integrating Hydrogen Energy into China's future green energy structure.


Professor Jimmy Yun first conceptualised new platform-based technology for the design and synthesis of low-cost nanomaterials. The applications of this technology have driven an output value of nearly 10 billion yuan, in cooperation with multinational companies across the globe. The platform technology has been applied to the design and synthesis of energy materials on an industrial scale, the macro-production, dispersion and industrialization technology for industrial nanomaterials, and nano-biopharmaceutical material technology.

Professor Yun is the Expert Member of the Singapore International Standardization Committee (2006), a Member of the Economic Advisory Committee on Nanotechnology Development of the Singapore Economic Development Bureau (2004), and the Vice-Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Association of Process Enhancement and Sustainable Development Technologies. Through his work, he has applied for 57 Patents (with 42 granted), and published more than 90 SCI papers across areas including Advanced Materials, Industrial Engineering Chemical Research and Pharmaceutical Research, for which his work has been featured in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, and other materials and chemicals journals.

Professor Yun received undergraduate and doctoral degrees from UNSW, Sydney, and worked at Hokkaido Institute of Industrial Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, and UNSW, Sydney from 1993 to 2000

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