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Welcoming Iberdrola S.A. as a Partner to the Training Centre

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the collaboration between the Training Centre and Iberdrola S.A., a global leader in renewable energy and a driving force behind transformative projects. Iberdrola's commitment to innovation, clean energy, and environmental responsibility aligns seamlessly with our mission at the Training Centre.

Iberdrola stands as the world's largest producer of wind power by volume and ranks among the largest electricity utilities globally by market capitalization. With an impressive 38 GW of installed renewable energy capacity, Iberdrola supplies power to over 100 million customers worldwide. By supporting project for producing green hydrogen and its derivatives, Iberdrola Australia is committed to deliver decarbonisation solutions locally as well as for export purposes.

The partnership with the Training Centre reflects Iberdrola's dedication to advancing research in environmental impact assessment for green methanol production. As part of this collaboration, efforts will also be directed towards the development of a comprehensive social license framework. This framework will play a pivotal role in establishing a strong case for the production and end-use of green methanol in Australia, fostering transparency, and engaging with stakeholders.

We are excited to work with Ms Tahlia Nolan who will assume the role of Partner Investigator for this project working closely with Dr Rahman Daiyan and Prof Iain Macgill. As we embark on this exciting journey with Iberdrola, we anticipate transformative outcomes that will not only shape the future of green methanol production but also set a benchmark for sustainable practices in the energy sector.

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