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Dr Quentin Meyer


Sr Postdoctoral Researcher | UNSW Sydney

Dr Quentin Meyer obtained a master’s degree in Electrochemical Engineering and in Electrochemical Research in 2011 from the Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble-INP, Grenoble, France). He defended his PhD in Advanced Diagnosis for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells in 2015 working for Prof Dan Brett and awarded with an Award for Research Excellence (University College London, London UK). After a successful post-doctoral position in 3-D imaging of hydrogen fuel cells in University College London, he then relocated to Australia in 2017.


Following some consultancy, teaching emerging start-ups hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-ion battery engineering, he joined Prof Zhao’s group as a senior post-doctoral researcher and laboratory manager (managing >20 people) in the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).  Currently he leads the exciting hydrogen fuel cells cluster and his research topics deal with electrocatalysis of complex reactions, focusing on the structure-to-performance relationships, investigating the activity and durability of low-cost electro catalysts for fuel cell and electrolyser applications. He was one of the winners of the EDRACI - Young Electrochemist Award for the Australia – New Zealand region in February 2021. Until December 2022, he has published 52 journal articles, filed 1 patent, and given over 20 communications in national and international conferences and 10 invited seminars.

Check out the recorded seminar delivered by Quentin on "How to make hydrogen fuel cells cheaper and more efficient ?"


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