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Short Courses and Masterclass

The Training Centre has developed a number of programs and initiatives to deliver an industrial training programs to prepare our researchers, industries and community to support and facilitate the transformation of Australia's Hydrogen industry and adoption of technologies into the market.

Professional Short Courses

The tailored professional development course addresses the essential elements in global hydrogen economy and renewable Power to X. Expert facilitators from the Training Centre and thought leaders and experts from the Australian hydrogen industry will introduce concepts in hydrogen economy with emphasis on the following:

  • Overview of the 'Renewable Hydrogen Economy'

  • Hydrogen production, storage and utilisation technologies

  • Renewable and energy storage integration for hydrogen production

  • Hydrogen certification, safety and social licence

The short course can be delivered in person or online depending on the requirement.

Who should attend this Course ?

This course is targeted at individuals and organisations who are interested in learning more about the emerging hydrogen economy and technologies. The industry focused training program requires no background knowledge about renewable energy and hydrogen and aims to introduce key concepts and learnings to upskill individuals and organisations who are supporting the renewable hydrogen economy through not just technical angle but from regulatory, financial, policymaking and other aspects.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the course, the participant should be able to:

  1. Describe the role of hydrogen and the key technologies across its value chain as a key driver of future sustainable energy infrastructure.

  2. Identify safety issues and protocols in place to minimize risks from hydrogen application.

  3. Apply a range of multi-disciplinary methodologies, environmental assessments, economic frameworks to tackle industry questions on hydrogen application.

  4. Compare and prioritize technologies according to local context, economics, resource availability and situational factors.

Sample Course Outline

DAY 1: Overview of the Global Hydrogen Economy

Concept 1: Overview of current energy infrastructure and importance to shift towards net zero targets

Concept 2: Global interest in hydrogen as catalyst for decarbonisation

Industry's perspective: International Hydrogen Value Chain 

Masterclass: Hydrogen 2.0

DAY 2: Hydrogen Technologies

Masterclass 1: Issues with renewable intermittency and integration

Masterclass 2: Renewable energy storage (Li-ion, Na-ion and Vanadium redox battery)

Masterclass 3: CO2 capture, storage and utilisation for hydrogen carrier production

Masterclass 4: Hydrogen production technologies

Masterclass 5: Hydrogen storage

Concept: Renewable Power to X

DAY 3: Challenges and next steps in Hydrogen Project Development

Masterclass 1: Social License to Operate and Hydrogen Economy

Industry's perspective 1: Water and Hydrogen Economy

Industry's perspective 2: Hydrogen Safety

Masterclass 2: Colours of Hydrogen: Certification

Masterclass 3: Emerging Hydrogen technologies


This professional development program is available:

  • On demand (minimum number of participants apply) - with preliminary proposed start date to be discussed and agreed with organisation/corporate.

  • As summer/winter course (future dates: TBC)

More information

There will be fee involved for participating in the course.

For more information on course content and registration contact: 

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