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Ying Ying Chng


PhD Candidate | UNSW Sydney

I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with Honours at the National University of Malaysia. Subsequently, I have exposed myself to various industries which have eventually confirmed my passion and interest in being a part of renewable energy to safeguard our future. The basis of my research focused on solutions aiming to bridge the gap between the research findings and the industrial applications, as much as possible.

Project title: Designing catalysts for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide.

The project aims to investigate the critical parameters for selectivity tuning as the foundation for further catalyst development. Industrial relevance in scaling up should be taken as the basis for the optimization of the designed catalyst in order to provide a sustainable solution for decarbonization and offer a commercially competitive product. Having said that, the mature carbon dioxide reduction reaction offered has to be able to at least close the carbon loop while producing valuable chemicals as an alternative to conventional production processes.


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