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GlobH2E's Michael Gunawan awarded IChemE Andrew Legacy Bursary for Catalysis Summer School

Updated: 3 days ago

We are incredibly excited to announce that one of GlobH2E’s own PhD candidates has been selected as one of twenty global recipients of the prestigious Andrew Legacy Bursary.  

We extend our sincere congratulations to Michael Gunawan, to whom the bursary was bestowed, as he will now participate in the Catalysis Fundamentals and Practice Summer School in June 2024. This week-long event, hosted biennially by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Liverpool, will be attended by scientists and industrial practitioners from around the world. The Summer School will afford Michael the opportunity to broaden his personal understanding of catalysis, whilst being privy to the very frontier of research in the field. It is a fantastic chance for Michael to participate in discussion forums, and it is an exciting opportunity to both enrich and enhance his academic journey. 

For Michael to have been chosen amongst the select few, and to have been awarded the bursary from the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), is a reflection of his quality as an early career researcher in GlobH2E and speaks to his outstanding commitment to the Training Centre. He is a Co-Chair of coMET (The Communication, Education and Training Committee), which supports the planned activities of GlobH2E by assisting in the co-design of professional development programs for students and postdocs, seeks opportunities in outreach, mentorship and training, as well as knowledge-share and communication of the achievements of the centre. 

Michael’s recent achievements include being presented with the AGIT (Australian Gas Industry Trust) award and being part of a team which were runners-up in the IChemE and Future Fuels CRC Chemeca Hackathon 2023. Michael was also recognised with an award for Best Presenter at the 2023 International Conference on Materials Innovation in Brisbane, as well as having the Best Poster at the 2023 (4th) Ferroelectric School, hosted by the Electronic Materials Research Laboratory (EMRL) & International Center for Dielectric Research (ICDR) of Xian Jiaotong University, Xi'an, China. 

Michael commenced his current doctoral studies at UNSW Sydney in 2022, under the joint supervision of Scientia Professor Rose AmalA/Prof Jason Scott, and Dr Cui Ying Toe. He is a proud member of the Particles and Catalysis Research Group. Mr Gunawan’s current project is on developing ferroelectric photo-electrocalysts for simultaneous organic reforming into value-added chemicals and hydrogen production by harnessing solar energy. He has a keen interest in techno-economic analysis and feasibility studies.  

We extend our congratulations to Michael for having secured the Andrew Legacy Bursary, and our sincere gratitude to IChemE for affording Michael the opportunity to expand upon his academic pursuits. All of the team at GlobH2E look forward to hearing of his fruitful experiences during the Summer School at the University of Liverpool next month!


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