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The Royal Australian Chemical Institute awards 2023 RH Stokes Medal to Prof Chuan Zhao

Congratulations to Chief Investigator for the GlobH2E's very own Professor Chuan Zhao, who has been awarded the R.H. Stokes Medal by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

The R.H. Stokes Medal is awarded for distinguished research in the field of electrochemistry carried out mainly in Australasia.

Professor Zhao is a pioneer in developing non-precious-metal based catalysts for use in green hydrogen technologies. A number of his works have been patented and commercialised, and are seen as benchmarks by laboratories all over the world. Working at the forefront in discovering new electrochemical materials and technologies, the research includes applications for energy and sustainability, hydrogen fuel cells, CO2 and water electrolysers, proton batteries and gas sensors.

Congratulations Professor Zhao!

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